• How to Install the themes. 
    • Go to the Themes section (it’s actually the posts tagged theme) 
    • Click live preview
    • Search the post with the features and options
    • Click the link to the post size you prefer 
      • or search for “-the codes :” section 
      • or the post is a link post just click “get xxx theme here”
    • Now you’re on pastebin, click “RAW”
    • The codes open in a new tab
    • Select all (Ctrl+A), Copy
    • Go to your blog’s Customize page
    • Edit Html > Select All > Delete > Paste 
    • Update preview > Save
    • Customize to your liking and voilà ! :D

  • Show Captions

I’ve setted them to appear on permalinks only so you just have to remove the codes setting that. Then, please look for those parts (should be 4 : photo, photoset, video,audio) :


Just remove what’s in bold, so it becomes :


  • Theme songs:

All listed in this post : theme songs

  • Music Players:

Billy Player // Flash MP3 

  • Music tabs/container :

Music Bubble // Slim Music Tab // Music Corner

The themes colors/images are messed up with the raw codes,  not like the theme garden themes.

It’s “normal”, the colors & backgrounds don’t reset unless it’s a theme from the theme garden.

Actually third-party hosting theme isn’t allowed but the theme garden isn’t handy for us theme makers espescially if tumblr judges that your theme “Does not fit accepted Tumblr blog functionality or aesthetics.” 

Also, did you try installing a “free tumblr theme” from the theme garden, updating + saving & refresh then repasting the codes, updating + saving & refresh ?

  • Photoshop Download CS5/CS6

It’s not my tutorial, I just reblogged it, please contact its author, jaehos.

  • Ask box / Submit post 

Are you sure you enbaled them in your blog’s settings/preferences ?

  • How do I make the font bigger // How do I change the font ?

Look for font-size // font-family and change the value.