Rachmaninov page. (about me) 

- Live Preview : codes preview - effective preview, to see how it works. Best viewed in Chrome.

- Recommendations : 

  • Look carefully at the pastebin file since it’s more clear there to visualise the things
  • I also recommend you to create a sideblog wich could serve you as a test blog later, and paste the code there in edit htlm and work it ( i mean modify, add text etc )  like a theme instead of working it in the “page maker pop up” of tumblr :) and then paste those codes you worked with in the pop up thing…

- How to use (create a custom page) :

  • Go to your customize page
  • Pages > Add a page
  • Choose Custom Layout instead of Standard Layout.
  • Page url : it will be the url of your blogroll, ex : ” http://(xxx)/aboutme”
  • Paste the codes
  • Click Create page.
  • Done. Your page is now at the url you previously named.
  • Replace the “IMG URL HERE”, Text here, title text here and such
  • If you want to use a pattern instead of a wallpaper :
    • look for body
    • erase  background-size:100%;

- The codes : Rachmaninov page by gyapo.

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